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Students and graduates to excel as life long learners through our career coaching sessions.

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We will ensure you get the best research and study area that will secure you a life-changing career

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of African Graduates into successful entrepreneurs through our Sustainable Entrepreneurship Talents Africa (SETA) program

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Welcome to Career & Scholarship Cluster

Are you a graduate and ready to go places? Are you prepared to study at top universities around the globe under sponsorship, and work with top industries and institutions upon completion of your scholarship programme?

Are you in your final year of studies, wondering what career path to follow, scared of being underpaid or being stuck, not knowing what to do with your degree upon graduation?

Have you sent out transcripts and CVs to scholarships and industry jobs you are qualified for and not gotten a single response?

If so, then the Career and Scholarship Cluster is for you. Our International Career and Scholarship Programme will provide you with a truly global experience, designed to groom the potential of African graduates into leaders of tomorrow that will provide solutions to our continent’s challenges. Your journey to success begins today as you work with our career and scholarship experts, exploring our learning resources as well as training and guidance programs to landing you a life-changing scholarship and/ or career.

The cluster prepares you to be learning agile and team-oriented, develops your potential to challenge ideas or learn from others and grooms you to mix up easily in any intellectual setting.

The Career and Scholarship Cluster encompass professors of top universities, chief executives of top companies, experts from diverse professional fields and alumni from some of the most renowned scholarship programs in the globe. It is thus equipped with the right human and technical resources required to help you achieve your professional goals.

The International Career and Scholarship Programme is specifically designed for African graduates/academics who want to:

  • Get 100% scholarships at top universities around the globe
  • Create and expand sustainable entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Get information about securing freelance jobs with top companies
  • Get advice and orientation about choosing lucrative Masters and PhD study areas
  • Learn how to write a catchy resume and cover letter with our career experts
  • Learn how to write attractive business plans, research and grant proposals, scientific articles, and thesis synopsis.
  • Create a professional LinkedIn profile with our team of LinkedIn experts
  • Learn how to pitch a business idea and secure sponsorship and mentorship to kick-start
  • Put theoretical knowledge into practical business solutions with our consulting team

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What We Offer

Scholarship assistance at top universities around the globe.
Orientation to choosing innovative masters and PhD research/study areas.
Coaching for successful business start-ups and sustainable entrepreneurship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Career and Scholarship Cluster unlike any other site in the same domain is real and our credentials can be verified at any time. Our testimonials and success stories speaks of our credibility.

At the moment, we currently have approximately 20 students who have benefited from our scholarship services and all of them can attest to the quality of the services we offer. We are currently linking job seekers with potential opportunities and helping provide quality career advice.

Depending on the circumstances, people above the registration age will be allowed to register, however, we can’t guarantee them that they’ll get opportunities. Our job is to connect our clients with potential scholarships and careers and that suit their background. So, if you are above the registration age and a scholarship or career matches your background and, in some cases, doesn’t specify the age limit, we’ll assist you apply for it.

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