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The Career and Scholarship Cluster’s professional team is here to groom your potential into a full breath professional.

Management Team

Fabrice Abunde Neba
Co-founder & Chief Operations Manager

Fabrice Abunde Neba is a Doctoral fellow and research assistant at Institute for Marine Operations and Civil Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and doubles as an international research fellow at the Brew-Hammond Energy Center of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. He holds a Scientist MBA in Business and Management, an M.Eng. in Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, an M.Phil. in Biosystems Engineering, and a B.Sc. (First Class Honours) in Biochemistry and Medical Laboratory Technology. Abunde is an award-winning leader with several international honours and scholarships, including the intra-ACP master’s mobility (STREAM) scholarship of the European Commission, the UPERC-RET Fellowship of NORAD-EnPe, and Presidential award of excellence for valedictorians. He has published over five original articles in industry leading journals, co-won international research grants and has extensive experience managing research professionals. With over five years of experience in energy and process systems engineering, he has worked in research projects across Norway, Ghana, Germany and Cameroon, and is currently consulting for some international organizations, including United Nation Environment (UNEP). Abunde has served as the organizing committee board member of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG) and is currently a career development associate of the Cheeky Scientist Association, USA

Yong Sebastian Nyam                  Co-founder & Chief Resource Manager

Yong Sebastian Nyam is an agricultural economist and an innovator. He holds an MSc in Marketing and Communication, an MSc in Agricultural Economics, and a BSc in Economics. He is a PhD fellow in Disaster Management at the University of Free State, South Africa. Yong Sebastian Nyam is currently a recipient of the Water Research Commission (WRC- South Africa) grant and has previously received the Intra-ACP mobility grant from the European Union. He has done groundbreaking research on agribusiness, agricultural productivity, agricultural water management. He is a member of the Association of Agricultural Economist South African (AAESA) and Disaster Management Institute South Africa (DMISA). He is also certified in Incident Command Systems (certified incident commander). Mr. Yong Sebastian is an academic research consultant with Alpha research group, which handles among other things research proposals, data analysis, review of articles, field research designs and supervision of project works. Mr. Yong has several years of experience in the following areas; marketing and communication, entrepreneurialism, agribusiness development, economic and environmental management and disaster management etc.

Endene Emmanuel Che               Co-founder & Chief Application Manager

Endene Che Emmanuel holds a Diploma in Project Management and Reservoir Engineering, a B.Sc. in Geology and Petroleum Technology, and an M.Phil. in Geological Engineering. He is currently a Doctoral Scholar at the Discipline of Civil Engineering, Monash University, Malaysia. He is presently involved in several research projects including: geomaterial upgrade for landfill applications, engineering properties of soft soils, as well as environmental geotechnics and reactive transport modeling. Endene is exceptional in that he is a recipient of multiple awards, honors, and scholarships, namely: the Monash University merit scholarship, the Franciscan Sisters Benevolent award and  the Presidential award for excellence. He has published and presented his research findings in leading scientific journals and international conferences across Africa and Asia. With five years of experience in Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, he has worked in research projects across Malaysia, Ghana, Australia, New Zealand, and Cameroon. He is currently a reviewer for some international journals and recently co-won the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme from the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. Endene has served as the organizing committee member of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG), Monash University Postgraduate Student Association (MUPA) and a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

Niba Hananeel                               Editor in Chief

Niba Hananeel holds a B.A in Literatures in English, University of Buea. She equally is an associate member of the Association of Business Executives-UK, with a QCF Level 6 Diploma in Human Resource Management. Hananeel possesses strong communication and people management skills evidenced by her years of experience working as the Head of Study Opportunities at Kingdom Travels and Tours, Executive Assistant Director of Programs at CADAC and Translation Project Manager for a start-up dubbing industry. Her expertise ranges from grant writing and project development to human resource management. She has developed a couple of educational projects including the “Computer- aided Education for Autistic Children”, Through the Eyes of an Autistic Parent”. Hananeel is a make-up artist with an entrepreneurial mindset, adding as the founder of WOTIWA beauty, a beauty brand aimed at promoting sustainable make-up practices amongst youths, while reassuring clients that every single experience will be breathtaking-worth the wait. As a woman with strong interests in public speaking and delivering talks to universities across Africa, she has been the guest speaker at different youth clubs including FAL’S Club, a groundbreaking leadership initiative for over 400 students. Hananeel is energized and inspired to be a more effective leader and elevate the voices of female graduates to meaningfully shape the road to a more peaceful and sustainable future.

Tiemuncho Habass          Corporate Branding & Graphic Design Manager

Habass holds a Diploma in Food processing and Biotechnology, a Master of Engineering in industrial Processing and a Master of Research in Engineering Sciences. He is a confident multitasker with a design thinking and innovative mindset, as he has been a recipient of the most prestigious Engineering Award for best innovation project in brewing process. His research interests mainly comprise the use of systematic computational techniques for mathematical modeling and simulation, process design, control and automation of food process operations. Habass is currently consulting as a graphics and web designer for a variety of companies and is a co-founder of mega 4j engineering a graphics/web design company for product branding, marketing and consulting.

Enow George Agbor               Digital Marketing & Production Manager

Enow holds a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from the College of Technology, University of Buea. Enow has over 4 years of experience in the technology sector specifically focusing on building responsive websites and web applications. Currently, Enow is an award-winning computer science tutor with awards like “Best Teacher in SW Region of Cameroon for Using and Integrating ICTs in Teaching” offer by MTN Foundation and Ministry of Secondary Education. He is also a freelance web developer, social entrepreneur and Founder of ‘Opportunities for Cameroonians’ ( an online platform created in line with SDGs goal 4 and 8 which aims at bridging the gap between opportunity providers and opportunity seekers in order to ensure that all youths have access to timely and quality information on local and international opportunities like scholarships, jobs, competitions, conferences etc. Enow is an innovative leader driven by his commitment to social change and has taken part in many leadership programs like YALI West Africa RLC Leadership program, Kectil Leadership program and African ChangeMakers Fellowship program among others.

Consulting Team

Pascal Abunde S.
Chief Executive, UGL
President, PWD Sports Academy
Hadi Mohamed (Ph.D.)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Yembe Nfor
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Yem’s Group Inc.
Eyong Galvin Ndip
Institute Director
Isaac Osei Mensah
University of Mines and Technology, Ghana
Ebenezer Nyarko Kumi
University of Energy and Natural Resource, Ghana
Samuel Kwatia
Senior Standards Officer
Ghana Standards Authority
Ndikum Atusi Elvis
Catholic University Institute, Buea Research Assistant & Quality Control Manager Laboratory of Drugs & Molecular Diagnostics