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Malaysia & S. Africa


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Goldsmith Hall

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07:30 - 19:00

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Benefits Upon Registration

After registering with the Career and Scholarship Cluster, you are entitled to the following concessions:

  1. Lifetime membership to our general (Facebook) cluster group for all cluster candidates
  2. We bring you career opportunities
  3. We help you apply for scholarships at universities round the globe
  4. Access to our weekly webinars

For those who pay a registration fee of 20 USD, they will be provided with the following additional benefits:

  1. A lifetime membership to our private (WhatsApp) interactive cluster group
  2. Eligibility to participate to our Sustainable Entrepreneurship Talents Africa Program
  3. Mentorship and coaching to kick-start your business idea
    • Business Incubation
    • Sponsorship for start-ups
    • Business idea generation and development
    • Training on business idea pitching
    • Project design and development
  4. Eligibility to participate in our training and certification programs
  5. Free Downloads
    • Resume template
    • Cover letter template
    • Synopsis template
    • Proposal template
    • Statement of purpose template
    • Sample letters to professors
  6. Sample research topics
    • Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
    • Humanities
    • Arts, social and management sciences
    • Health and Allied Sciences
    • Agricultural Sciences
    • Physical and life sciences, etc.
  7. Benefit from our expert team during your research at graduate school