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Frequently Asked Questions

Career and Scholarship Cluster unlike any other site in the same domain is real and our credentials can be verified at any time. Our testimonials and success stories speak of our credibility.

At the moment, we currently have approximately 20 students who have benefited from our scholarship services and all of them can attest to the quality of the services we offer. We are currently linking job seekers with potential opportunities and are helping provide quality career advice.

Depending on the circumstances, people above the registration age will be allowed to register, however, we cannot guarantee that there will be scholarship opportunities available for them. Our job is to connect our clients with potential scholarships and careers and that suit their background. So, if you are above the registration age and a scholarship or career matches your background and, in some cases, doesn’t specify the age limit, we will assist you apply for it.

Yes. We offer our services to clients the worldwide. We have a rich database of scholarship opportunities (masters and PhD, workshops, fellowships, and in some cases undergraduate) and career opportunities (jobs, volunteerism, internships etc.). No matter where you are in the world, if an opportunity matches your background we’ll link it to and help you through the application process.

We can guarantee you that we’ll give you premium services. We are unique in the sense that, not only do we provide you with a database of opportunities, we equally assist you throughout the application process. We assist you build an academic CV and industry resume capable of attracting top recruiters, cover letters capable of swaying scholarship committee to your favour. Our main objective is to help you secure a career opportunity or that scholarship you have been longing for.

We hope that you’ll not only like our services and resources, but you’ll enjoy them. However, should you not be satisfied with our services, the registration fee is refundable for up to a period of 10 days following registration.

It is our wish that all our clients land scholarships and career opportunities. We require all our clients that we assist to land scholarships or career opportunities pay a 10% of the total value of the award to us the cluster. We will use this money to organize training, seminars and career development programs. It is our goal to reach out to as many youths as possible and help in bridging the academic and employment gap that exist among youths.

Yes you can. It all depends on your qualification and years of experience. If we find an opportunity that matches your background and experience, we’ll link you to it and help you apply.

No. We encourage everyone who meets the eligibility criteria to register with us and get premium services and resources.

The cluster will apply for multi opportunities should you qualify for them.

Yes, but you’ll need to complete the required forms and submit all the required documents.

We will notify you via your preferred mode of communication which you indicated when registering as soon as you have been offered an opportunity or invited for an interview.

Yes, you can. As long as you meet the minimum requirements and eligibility criteria.

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