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3. UPLOAD DOCUMENTS (Files should be in pdf format and each file should be less than 1MB)

File should be named as CV_Surname_Firstname e.g. CV_Mbah_Peter
File should be named as Degree_Surname_Firstname e.g. Degree_Mbah_Peter
File should be named as Passport_Surname_Firstname e.g. Passport_Mbah_Peter
File should be named as Transcript2_Surname_Firstname e.g. Transcript2_Mbah_Peter
File should be named as Recommend_Surname_Firstname e.g. Recommend_Mbah_Peter
File should be named as Coverletter_Surname_Firstname e.g. Coverletter_Mbah_Peter
File should be named as Degree2_Surname_Firstname e.g. Degree2_Mbah_Peter
File should be named as Transcript_Surname_Firstname e.g. Transcript_Mbah_Peter
English_Surname_Firstname e.g. English_Mbah_Peter



After completing the online form, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes information on how to make the necessary payment (Payment is optional only for those interested in the additional benefits). Once this is done, and the registration fee has been successfully paid, an electronic notification bill will be sent to you via email. Payments can be made through MTN MOBILE MONEY or using PAYPAL. You will be charged a registration fee of 20 USD (to be paid in your local currency based on the bank exchange rates). After payment of the registration fee, you will be given access to all the additional benefits of the cluster. Visit the benefits upon registration for more information.
Note: You can try out the program for up to 10 days after you registration. If within 10 days of registration you do not feel we will deliver on our promise, we will happily refund 100% of your registration fee but excluding charges. Please visit the FAQs for more information regarding the registration fee.


If the Career and Scholarship Cluster helps me get a scholarship, I agree to donate a 10% fraction of my total scholarship worth to support the activities and programs of the cluster. I agree to do the donation before I depart from my home country to the host university’s country. In the case where I kick-start my business idea using seed funds provided by the cluster, I agree to provide a 20% share of my enterprise to the cluster. I am aware that my support will help the cluster to design and provide training and other services to empower associates who have not successfully acquired a scholarship or a business opportunity. This includes seed funding to other candidates, admission and graduate test fees, invitation of experts to weekly webinars, e-learning courses, research assistance during my graduate studies,etc. (Please visit “Your Responsibility upon Success in Our Program” for more details).