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Required Documents

The following documents are mandatory upon registering to the Cluster:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume

Even if you don’t have any work experience at the moment, you can include all your study experiences, hobbies, interests, achievements and social skills. Remember to include all the languages that you know, but be honest about your proficiency level; add computer skills, volunteering work and any other courses that you completed (even short courses), especially if they are connected with your study field.

  • University degrees, diplomas,and transcripts

Upload your degree, diplomas, and transcript of records from the last school you graduated or are currently attending (Bachelor degree or Bachelor diploma and records if you are applying for a Master course; Bachelor and Master degree if you apply for a Ph.D. course). The transcript of records is a photocopied page of all your courses, grades,and credits that you achieved for each course. This document should have an official signature and stamp from your school or faculty.

  • Copy of passport/ID

The passport/ID must be valid for at least a year after your registration,and only a copy of the main page of the passport, containing your photo and personal information is required.

  • Recommendation letters

Usually, the Cluster ask for just one recommendation letter, but in some cases, you may be asked to provide two or more letters of recommendation. The letter(s) of recommendation should only come from one of your teachers/lecturers or employer/person that supervised your work (volunteering work counts as well). This letter gives the scholarship provider more information about your qualities, skills, intellectual capacity and it can also reflect your desire or motivation for the degree course and university you chose.

  • English language proficiency

Proof of English language proficiency (or any other language that is commonly used as a medium of instruction). THIS IS OPTIONAL.

– For English, it can be: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge

  • Standardized test scores (Not mandatory)
  1. SAT, ACT, GRE, GPA and other test scores can be an important factor when the University considers who they give the scholarship to. Most often, high scores are the ones that count first and foremost; however, the scholarship offer is rated based on a holistic approach, after considering all the relevant documents.
  • List of publication (mainly for D. applicants)
  1. You can provide an extensive list of conference and journal publications, including the title of paper, authors, year of publication, and volume number.
  • Plan of research action/research proposal (mainly for D. applicants)
  1. Mainly for Ph.D. students, you are to provide your proposed research area and topic, including a brief introduction, objectives, justification of study, scope of study, literature review, methodology and expected outcomes. Also, you can provide a Gantt chart.