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Your Responsibility upon Success in Our Program

After getting a scholarship position through the assistance of the Career and Scholarship Cluster, you will agree to donate a 10% fraction of your total scholarship worth to support the activities and programs of the cluster (as presented below). Note that even after commencement of your graduate studies, you are still entitled to the benefits of being a member of the Cluster and upon completion of your scholarship program, you are eligible to work in one of  our sponsor companies

For those who successfully kick start their business ideas or graduate from our Sustainable Entrepreneurship Talents Africa (SETA) program, you will agree to give a 20% share of the business to the Cluster. Note that even after kick-starting your business, the career and scholarship cluster still guides an mentors your business to ensure a sustainable growth into a medium or large company.

If you did not submit your international travel passport during registration, you are advised to start the process of getting your international travel passport as some scholarship boards might demand for it.

The responsibilities of the cluster includes but not limited to the following;

  1. Design career development resources such as resume templates, synopsis
  2. Design and deliver training and certification programs through collaboration with universities and companies
  3. Invite academic and industrial experts to teach on our weekly webinars and training sessions
  4. Provide seed funding to kick-start small and medium sized enterprises for our pool of graduates who do not have the opportunity to get scholarships
  5. Sponsor the prizes awarded for the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Talents Africa (SETA) program.
  6. Organize career days at different universities across Africa, aimed at orienting students on career paths upon graduation
  7. Payment of university application and graduate test (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, etc.)fees (NB. This applies only to students who graduated with first class honours)

NB: Only candidates who succeed in any of our career or scholarship programs will be obliged to donate. Successful scholarship candidates will be required to do their donations before departure from their home country to the host university’s country. In cases where the candidate do not succeed to travel, the 10% donation will be fully refunded.We DO NOT take any money from unsuccessful applicants” We continue to empower our candidates until they are able to get a scholarship, kick-start a business or land a job with any of our sponsor companies.